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Silkscreen, photoshop, and bookbinding

Eye of Truth (2019)

The book Eye of Truth describes greed, betrayal, and tragedy. Unlike other artworks, this book deals with a dark and sad ending story discussing survival in society. For creating the restrained mood, I used limited colors and played with textures from photos and drawings. After silkscreening all pages, including endpapers, I bounded the book with an Asian binding method to make the book look antique and mysterious. In the cover illustration on the left, a girl stares at and keeps a lookout for the audience. At the same time, she leads viewers cautiously into the story. 

Story of the book: Eye of Truth is randomly given to people in the town Tamark for a month and brings wealth and success. People who are not chosen feel jealous and doubt their neighbors. As winter comes and the economy in town gets worse, more and more people become obsessed with the Eye of Truth and disobey and betray the unanimously agreed public rule. They do not hesitate to hurt or even murder others for their profits. In the series of misfortune, the main character 'I' is chosen by Eye of Truth, and at the same time, she has to survive from town people's threat until the eye disappears. Through the story, I want audiences to discuss whether the eye is God's gift or a curse?


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