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SVA Junior Thesis Show 'Location as Character'

I was looking for what is my own unique style. During the research on Thesis theme ’Death in Venice’, 

I found out that one of the art styles that I pursue was ‘beauty’.

The book is about an old writer named Gustave von Aschenbach obsessed with the boy Tazio who has the perfect artistic beauty in Venice. I interpreted Aschenbach as an artist who admires absolute beauty as same as me. When the old man secretly follows Tadzio in Venice, hesitates to talk to the boy in the restaurant, and dies on the beach where Tadzio plays, I felt that I was trying to reach Tadzio but I realized that I could not imitate or copy the beauty that naturally comes out from the boy. So I could understand more about Aschenbach and his admiration for art and beauty.

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